Customer Data Capture

The success of any loyalty program depends on the effective capture of customer data and its efficient use to drive promotions. DaddysPocket makes it hassle-free to capture the data easily using multiple options which can be deployed at ease. Browse through the following options to understand various data capture methods to boost loyalty memberships for your business.

How to boost your loyalty program memberships?


In-store data capture

This is the easiest way. Hand over a tablet/phone to your customers and request them to signup. Send your customers a quick signup link via SMS, using which they can become your loyalty member in simple easy steps.

Preregister for our Customer Center app, install it on a tablet/phone and train your employees to effectively capture customer data:


Create a web landing page to drive signups

Create a webpage or embed our loyalty signup form to an existing website for promoting your program memberships. If you want help with this, please contact us:


Data capture from DaddysPocket Loyalty App

For users of our Loyalty App, it's easy to signup to your loyalty program as they get access to all programs active in their area. All they've to do is join a program directly from the app. To know more, see DaddysPocket for Customers: