How It Works

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We help you create a custom rewards program

All you have to do is signup to the dashboard and launch your loyalty program in easy, simple steps. Instead of following a predefined loyalty rule, you can mix & match campaigns based on your customer sentiments & preferences.

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Make sure your customers join the program

Display the rewards program to your customers in a tablet, iPad or phone. Customers can sign themselves up or a different loyalty membership strategy can be followed that suits your business. See Customer Data Capture.

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Customers can easily check-in with their phone numbers

Whenever they make a purchase or visit a store, the customers can easily punch in their phone numbers to mark it. When we simplify reward collection & tracking even without loyalty cards or mobile apps, businesses collect accurate information without troubling the customers.

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Your employees can easily redeem customer rewards and track it from across devices

When customers walk-in with a redeemable reward, your employees can easily manage the redemptions using the access provided to them.

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You can focus on your business while we automate promotions & customer alerts

Schedule how automation should work and based on it, DaddysPocket will send SMS, emails & push campaigns to bring back your customers.

Privilege Card

Easily launch and manage your previlege card program

If you are old school and still love your customers flashing previlege card in your store, you can easily create and manage this by issuing cards and keeping track of the cards issued using our easy-to use platform.

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Your customers can now track rewards & points nearby using DaddysPocket Loyalty App

Using the loyalty mobile app, your customers can discover multiple DaddysPocket partner stores around their location, collect points, discover offers & rewards and track their redemptions.

If you need a white-labelled loyalty app for your brand, contact sales and check pricing here.