Who can use DaddysPocket?

We have designed DaddysPocket for the small and medium brick and mortar businesses that target a hyper local crowd. However, it can also be used by large businesses.

My business is too small to run a loyalty program!

DaddysPocket is not just a loyalty program. It helps you track your customer purchases, customer visit dates, spend value and a lot more. You can use this to check if customers are coming back. If they are not, you can use the available data to reengage the customers and win them back.

How do I collect the customer data?

Customer data can be captured from the store by asking your customers for their phone numbers. Customer Visits can be marked and New Loyalty Memberships can be created directly from the Data Capture Console. This can be accessed from the Customer Center in the DaddysPocket Dashboard. Data can also be captured using the DaddysPocket Business App in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. More details can be found here Capturing Customer Data

What is a Marketing Campaign and how do I create one?

It just means that we help you reach to your existing customers hassle free, all in swift and easy steps. Automatically send welcome e-mails & SMS’s, send follow-up campaigns with special offers etc. Reduce your marketing and customer acquisition costs considerably.

Also read Customer Data Capture.

How do I deploy the solution?

The entire solution is in cloud which means that you do not have to spend on setting up any infrastructure. If you use a PC, use it from your web browser. If you love your iPad/Android tablet for better visibility, download the DaddysPocket Business App and just login with your credentials. Is your mobile phone more convenient? Don’t worry, the same app runs in your phone too.

Should I purchase an SMS Gateway or an e-mail service?

No. We have everything you need built-in to the platform. All you have to do is login and start using.

What’s the cost?

You can check our Pricing Plans here. We provide you a 15 day free trial.

What happens after I reach my 15 day trial period?

Once your trial period is over, you can subscribe to our platform to get unlimited access.

Are there any hidden charges or commissions?

No. We charge only for the platform and the SMSs. Check out the pricing here.

Why are SMS’s charged on top of the subscription fee?

This is the fairest way to operate. Some businesses use only a handful of texts in a month, while others send hundreds. Just pay as you go – your message packs will never expire.

How do I pay?

You can pay easily using credit card, debit card or net banking.

What is the minimum subscription period?

We have a minimum of 6 month lock-in period for subscription since it takes a couple of months for the system to gather enough data to drive you results.

Can I have more than one store?

Please check out the pricing here for multi-store support.

Can you customize as per my requirement?

Yes, we can. Please get in touch with our enterprise sales team here.